Industrial Hygiene

EnvirOSH’s team of certified Industrial Hygienists has extensive experience in industrial hygiene. EnvirOSH completes on-site facility evaluations by performing exposure recognition walk-through inspections, conducting quantitative sampling for chemicals/biological hazards/physical agents/radiation, and identifying other potential workplace hazards.

Air Sampling -  Depending on the partner’s specific situation and needs, various monitoring methods may be necessary, including direct reading instrumentation or full-shift analytical sampling.  

EnvirOSH prides itself in conducting quality industrial hygiene evaluations utilizing chain-of-custody forms, field blanks, and other quality control measures necessary to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and defensibility of the industrial hygiene monitoring.

Noise Monitoring - Noise monitoring services includes full-shift noise dosimetry monitoring, fence line noise surveys, and plant equipment evaluations. We assist clients in performing in-depth investigations into processes and equipment and help with the design changes necessary to control noise exposures.


Exposure Control - Our staff helps clients with control methods to reduce or eliminate personnel exposures to hazards. Hazards are eliminated through process modifications, substitutions to less hazardous substances, installing or modifying control equipment, administrative controls, or personal protective equipment.

 Indoor Air Quality  - EnvirOSH Services has experience with investigating sick building syndrome and providing clients with solutions that help improve indoor air quality (IAQ).

EnvirOSH listens to occupant’s complaints/concerns, evaluates the HV/AC system, and performs monitoring if necessary. Monitoring can be done for chemical, biological, or other environmental factors depending on a client’s particular situation. The results of the investigation are then compared to established guidelines published by professional organizations. Corrective recommendations will be made if necessary and follow-up actions will be performed to ensure the situation has been satisfactorily resolved.




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